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The Mari Monument offers people the opportunity to experience art as a way to communicate important ideas and visions about our civilization. Conveying new ideas through images is a universal language that artists have participated in historically, and artist Osprey Orielle Lake is a true contributor to this tradition.

Due to Lake's dedication to designing images that give movement to a heavy dense metal like bronze, sculpted water moves graciously around the central figure. This movement mirrors Lake's efforts to uplift our thoughts towards a hopeful future and a celebration of nature.

The Artist has stated "The placement of these statues is intended to build an encouraging bridge between cultures and to share our universal love of water. Our united relationship to our world must take on a balanced and healthier course. I designed the Mari Monument with the intent that the monument be a pertinent visual and inspirational statement that charts the way towards this healthier course."

"Mari, Waters of Life" is a public monument that celebrates the waters of the world that unite us.  Osprey Orielle Lake's vision is to place eight beautiful 5.5 meter tall (18 feet tall) bronze Mari Monuments worldwide in coastal cities or in waterfront cities near lakes or rivers.

Ms. Lake has said, "My wish is that the Mari Monument can be a symbol of hope and life at the heart of each city where the statue is placed. Throughout history, societies around the world have recognized water as a symbol of life.  In this project I am endeavoring to bring our attention to our united need to care for all life on earth. This fact of our unity is represented in the statue by the earth medallions that adorn Mari's belt. The earth medallions show us that it is the oceans that interconnect us on every continent. The great waters have been our roadways since ancient times. The world's oceans and rivers have guided humans around our planet and in our discovery of the different continents and one another.”

To celebrate cultural diversity in our new millennium, the Mari Monument portrays a beautiful history column, which stands next to the figure in the statue. On this column are images of ancient and modern ships from around the world, representing the many nations and peoples of the world, and how we all share the earth's waters in common.  On this column Ms. Lake will include a local ship honoring the peoples and the history of the region where each monument is placed.

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